The company 3maran is selling floating houses in Marina Portorož.


For any additional information, contact us by phone at +386 41 958 073 or by email




We completed the 1st phase of the project in the marina NAUTICA (Novigrad) of 20 floating houses.

There are only a few houses left in the 2nd phase of the project.


In the marina VERUDA (Pula) there are only 3 floating houses left available.


If you are interested in buying a 3maran, you have to hurry, because the floating houses are running out fast!!!




3maran floating and mobile homes in marinas and camps throughout the Adriatic.


Why choose 3maran mobile homes? 


Because 3maran mobile homes represent innovation, high quality and exclusivity.

With modern equipment and design, they soothe you into the comfort of a luxury holiday home, while opening the door to new and special experiences.


It is time to seize your enjoyable opportunity.

3maran floating house is:

  • High quality, affordable and the only floating homes that have already been tested on the Adriatic Sea,
  • These floating homes can be highly customised to customer’s specific needs and wishes,
  • They are the only floating homes that are already located in several marinas on the Adriatic Sea (Slovenia, Croatia and Italy),
  • These are the only floating homes with all certificates, permits and registrations on the Adriatic Sea,
  • These are the only floating homes on the Adriatic Sea that are already built in two different sizes, to meet the different needs and capacities of marinas, ports or bays,
  • These are the only floating home on the Adriatic Sea with a warranty of 2 to 10 years,
  • 3MARAN d.o.o. is also the only manufacturer of residential vessels that offers the buyer integrity (production, sales, maintenance, warranty, installation and manufacture of the entire project and marketing and sales strategies for residential vessels).



For individuals,

couples, families,

and different groups.


Do you want to know more?


3maran is a developer of comprehensive projects in the field of floating homes, mobile homes, various mobile facilities (bars, shops, offices, showrooms, warehouses, toilet facilities) and fixtures (floating piers, gangways, stairs, railings).  

The company uses special design solutions and products for the implementation of various connections, such as: electricity, water, internet, television, sewerage and treatment plants at locations on land, in the sea, by the sea, or even above the sea.


The company also has ready-made design solutions and products for the implementation of safe berths (stabilisation of floating homes) and access to floating homes (floating piers, terraces, stairs, gangways).

In addition to manufacture, sale and development of design solutions, the company also develops complete marketing and sales strategies for buyers of floating homes, mobile homes and other mobile facilities and fixture.



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